How to Expedite a Child Passport Application

Need to obtain a new passport for your child? Before initiating the child passport application, we recommend you check the criteria listed below to verify if a new child assport service is what you need. If so, you will find a complete list of requirements and step-by-step instructions to assist you in the process ofobtaining a passport for your child.   Take a few seconds to see who should use Passport Application Form DS-11 in order to apply for a child US passport.

There are four items need when applying for a child passport.

Your New US Passport Application (DS11)

A new child passport application asks for information about yourself, your address, your prior passport information, your family, and where you are traveling to if in a hurry to get a passport.  We recommend you complete the DS11 passport application online, print it on white paper, full size prior to visiting the Passport Acceptance Agent.

Passport Photos

The US Passport Agency requires that passport photos taken on a white background and free of items such as glasses and scarfs.  Your child's passport photo should also be taken within the six months prior to your passport application. Watch the exposure on the photo, as that is a common issue we have when applying for a passport.

Your Proof of Citizenship

You'll need to provide proof of your child's US citizenship via either a birth certificate or naturalization certificate.

Government Fees

The current child US passport government fee is $100 for routine passport service plus $35 for the acceptance agent. Expedited government service fee is $60. 

These fees are not including out consulting fee.

Must be paid using Debit or Credit Card.

Other Forms & Applications: